When looking back at the split, they are “not proud” of their handling of everything and how publically they handled adversity.

She said, “I am sure we would all collectively admit that there are regrets about certain things but that it is how it is.” There are many aspects of this journey that made it very hard.

Lindsie is proud of where she stands right now.

You can swallow your pride. Listeners were advised to “Get into your Bible.” Keep the conversations going, it is all that I can get back.

CelebHomes News tried to reach Todd’s representative for comments but was not able to get a response.

Back in June, a federal jury in Atlanta found Todd, 53, and Julie, 49, guilty of conspiring to defraud banks out of more than $30 million of personal loans using false bank statements. On Oct. 6, they will be sentenced.

Todd has recently revealed that even though they are currently facing imprisonment, the legal drama had “drawn us closer to our wife.”

“I feel like my marriage—for me personally, internally—is the strongest that I’ve felt it’s ever been,” he said on the July 29 episode of his Chrisley’s Confessions podcast. Podcast.