When it comes down to speculation regarding her relationship status with someone, Selena GomezIt’s a fact that she has already heard the same thing at least one million times. Instead of rumor-mongering, the singer at 29 is putting the facts straight about her relationship status. 

Gomez took to TikTok March 31 and posted this video in which she lip-synched the words. King NasThis viral audio features a man offering compliments and trying to get a woman’s attention. 

Gomez wrote, “Maybe it’s why I’m single.” Don’t believe a word. 

This month, the internet was buzzing with excitement after “Rare’ star Kimberly Clarke was seen at a charity event. Dua LipaBusinessman in New York attending concert Zen Matoshi. CelebHomes News spoke to a source who knew Gomez well and said that the pair are only friends.

“He works in the tech space and has been helping advise Selena,” the insider said. “Selena is happily single right now.”