Dune‘s greatest duo. 

ZendayaAnd Timothée ChalametThey might be the best friends of each other. 

Celebrate the release Denis VilleneuveThe highly anticipated sci-fi adaptation DuneCelebHomes News spoke to the pair exclusively Daily PopFriday, Oct. 22: Sharing what it was like working together on such a challenging project

Zendaya said that she was intimidated when she went in to the office. Justin Sylvester. “I was like, I want my best work, you guys? But this guy made it such warm and welcoming environment to work [in]”

As a result, it didn’t take long for her and Timothée to hit it off. 

“I was immediately like, ‘Oh! We’re going to become friends for life. Zendaya said, “This is happening.” “So that was great, I had an amazing time, and I sure wish that we get more of it because selfishly I just want to have some fun.”