IfJustin BaldoniThere’s nothing to do but get in the kitchen.

The Jane the VirginAlum proves his culinary skills. VeryThe Aug. 23 episode aired real Celebrity Beef. The preview shows the TV Star going head-to-head against the singer in the above video. Andy GrammerBreakfast battle with the host Joel McHalemust determine which star’s French-topping is king.

After trying Baldoni’s French toast sandwich filled with meat and more, McHale is nearly speechless but managers to say, “This is comfort food and I’m not kidding.”

Grammer gives the dish a try and remarks, “There are like nine flavors hitting me right now.”

McHale agrees, adding, “The sweet, the salty—it is such a good breakfast sandwich. Andy, you have a lot to do with your food.

McHale says that Grammer’s delight is whimsically designed and she’s about to make it. Andy won the presentation contest.”

McHale is unable to resist the temptation of Baldoni toast again, so Grammer exclaims, “What’s the matter?”