HydraThe three-headed, confusing dragon with the strange name of ‘The Three-headed Dragon,’ performed ZZ Top“Sharp Dressed Man” The panelists were still unsure about the number of people wearing the costumes. Hydra’s Mega Clue, a deck made up entirely of jokers was revealed by Hydra. 

For a wrap, Miss TeddyA soulful version was sang by Demi LovatoTo a standing ovation,’s song “Tell Me You love Me” was performed. It was Mega Clue, the snuggly bear who revealed that she is a Grammy Winner! Is this a sign that there is an actual singer among us? Miss Teddy may be the legendary disco singer, as there have been some very big clues. Gloria Gaynor.

Hydra and Armadillo finished in the bottom two after the audience and panel votes. They performed “Walkin’ The Dog” together to avoid being eliminated. Rufus Thomas Hydra performing “Two Princes”. Doctors of Spine.

Hydra was eventually sent home after the dragon with three heads was defeated. Legendary comedians from Las Vegas were there to unmask the dragon. Penn & Tellerwere exposed under the monstrous dress.

You can see Miss Teddy, Ringmaster, and Armadillo fighting for a place in next week’s finale. The Mask SingerIt airs on Fox at 8 PM. ET, Fox. 

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