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Drew BarrymoreWe are here to assist you in achieving your #Kitchengoals

In collaboration with Made by Gather founder and CEO Shae Hong, the Beautiful Kitchenware line offers stylish and affordable alternatives to everything one could possibly need in their kitchen. With sage-green ovens and toaster ovens as well as bold mixing bowls or durable pans, it’s worth thinking twice about hiding your appliances and tools. You’ll find the right color combination for your kitchen, whether it’s blueberry pie or oyster gray, as well as white frosting and black sesame. Plus, these thoughtfully designed tools, gadgets and cutlery will make any cluttered countertop look chic.

Besides the collection being aesthetically-pleasing, the Beautiful line will make mealtime more efficient thanks to innovative touchscreen technology features and functional designs. All items are under $130. 

Even if you don’t like cooking, this collection is sure to make you a top chef in no time. Check out our Beautiful Kitchenware Products, such as the mixers and the cornflower-blue colorway. Also, make sure you visit to see the complete collection.