The former reality TV star said that he has returned to building after the show, and is an active member of the wrestling community. He opened up about appearing on Joe Millionaire during a 2020 interview with Hannibal TV“I have never been able figure out why 40million people tune in just to see a guy do nothing. That’s the way I feel.”

Was it the girl who captured his heart? Zora Andrich Evan and her split the $1 million prize. They then separated. But, she revealed to The New York Post In December, she maintained contact with her ex-husband.

She revealed that Evan and she have spoken many times over the years. She said, “We have a shared experience few can relate to. Evan is a person I like, despite our differences. His heart and character are intact—and I appreciate his unapologetic, bold personality.”

Zora acknowledged that Zora was right to say that Zora’s “days spent crying, running, screaming, and getting into hysterics because of my autograph were certainly over me,” but Zora also stated that Zora is now ready for the next generation. Joe Millionaire is just getting started. Titled Joe millionaire: Richer or poorer?, the series’ new reboot—which features 20 female contestants vying for two men, one of whom is a millionaire—premiered on Fox earlier in January.