Leah MesserShe just made a huge step forward in their relationship.

However, the Teen Mom 2Star made Instagram official by Jaylan Mobley back in September, fans haven’t seen the pair interact on the small screen—until now. The episode of Jan. 25 was a special one. A Family Vacation for Teen Moms, the reality star shared new insight into her romance via a casual FaceTime conversation.

Jaylan was told by her, “We have life coaches here. I am trying to not be so guarded.” Your kindness is what I am trying to embrace. It’s time for me to allow the walls down.

Jaylan responded, “I am not going to be doing this for a while.” Because I haven’t had a serious relationship for a while, I’m not doing this just to make a sexy. My goal is to stay here for the long-term.”

Following consultation with Dr. Cheyenne BryantLeah felt at ease inviting her boyfriend along on this trip. Yes, Leah expects him to drop by for the next episodes.