Is it possible for people to be friends?

However, this teaser seems to doubt it. Hulu’s first teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated new series was released on February 8. Friendship Conversations. The drama series—based on the novel by Sally RooneyAnd starring Joe Alwyn, Alison Oliver, Sasha LaneAnd Jemima Kecke—will premiere on Hulu and BBC Three with all 12 episodes in May.

Friendship Conversations “follows Frances (Oliver), a 21–year–old college student, as she navigates a series of relationships that force her to confront her own vulnerabilities for the first time,” according to the series description.

Bobbi Lane, teaser: “People can fall in love with other people and still have meaningful relationships.”

“Wouldn’t it be sad to have a partner who is in love with another person?” Frances is curious.

Bobbi replies, “Not if I love them too.”

Continue the steamy video with Nick (Alwyn), Frances, and Nick hooking up…multiple time. Nick, lying down in bed, says “I cannot believe we just done that.” “Yes, you can,” Frances replies.