Prime Video has made it possible for us to embark on an exciting adventure.

On Sunday, Feb. 13, the streaming service released the first teaser for their highly anticipated Lord of the Rings prequel series, called It Rings of Power. The new series is sure to surpass the film’s predecessors, as we see from the first glimpse.

A small voice inquires of the camera as it shows Middle Earth from a closer perspective.

Rings of Power, which reportedly had a budget of over $450 million for its first season, is sure to expand the Lord of the RingsThe world that we have come to love and know. The captivating footage shows a variety of dangerous creatures, including ravaging storms, glaciers, and monsters.

The title should have already indicated that this series was about the forging and maintenance of the rings. Showrunner Patrick McKaySubmitted Vanity Fair“Rings to the elves, rings to the dwarves and rings for men. Then there was the one ring Sauron used as a deceitful device. This is the tale of how all these powers were created, their origins, and the effects they had on each race.