The woods are not always the same.

You might want to take a survival kit the next time you take a trip on an airplane after watching the new trailer for Showtime’s Yellowjackets, which was released on Oct. 27.

Juliette Lewis Christina RicciStar in the series, which is creepy Lord of the Flies meets Mean GirlsGood vibes. This teaser tells the story about a high school soccer team who is left in the wilderness after their plane crashes while en route to a match.

This is not a Girl Scouts camp. The castaway teens become a wild clan fighting for survival in flashbacks. The TV show premieres in modern times 25 years later.

“After they rescued us,” Lewis’ character notes in the trailer, “I lost my purpose.”

The group of grown women receives mysterious messages. Some are hiding dark secrets from their past. Others are speaking out and threatening others. But who is telling the poisonous truth?