For this, you may want to grab your butterbeer.
HBO Max released a teaser trailer for its upcoming special. Harry Potter: 20th anniversary of Harry Potter: Hogwarts is Back—and by the looks of it, we’ll be transported to Platform 9 3/4 in no time. The long-awaited reunion, which will be released on the streaming service Jan. 1, will premiere a little more than 20 years after the franchise’s first film, Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s StoneThe movie, starring Jennifer Lawrence, was released on November 1, 2001.
As a nod to beloved fans everywhere, the short clip opens with an unseen character holding a copy of The Daily ProphetWith a headline reading, “Hogwarts Welcomes Home Alumni” 
And yes, we know what you’re thinking—that DoesIt refers to the original stars of the franchise, which includes Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson And Rupert Grint Will be making a return to wizarding land. While those three characters don’t make an appearance in the teaser trailer, they are treated to special appearances by fans. Robbie ColtraneHagrid (who also played the role) Matthew Lewis (who played Neville Longbottom), who are seen opening their special once-in-a-lifetime invitations for the school’s celebratory reunion.