We’re SellingCheck out this show.

Move over, Oppenheim Group! Why? Because Sharelle Rosado is the new realtor to watch—literally! The real estate broker may not be selling us sunset, but she is selling us Tampa thanks to Netflix’s new show, Tampa Selling. The streamer’s upcoming docu-series premieres Dec. 15 and introduces viewers to a brand-new realty office and cast. Allure Realty, owned by military vet Sharelle, is an all-Black, all-female real estate firm on the Suncoast. We’re now obsessed with this trailer! Tampa Selling ladies.

Sharelle had already been a successful agent in real estate two years prior to this,” Allure agent Colony ReevesIn the trailer. The trailer says, “The news about her opening her brokerage was very hot. It was something I wanted to do.” 

They are also “closing deals with heels” and seem to be causing a lot of drama. An agent even has plans to leave, as an example. Rena FrazierHe reveals: “I have been thinking about starting my own brokerage, and being my own boss.”