The furry fortune-teller 

Erin BradshawHer husband Scott are pulling out all the stops to prepare for their first child—even if that means seeking out a psychic. 

However, we are not referring to any psychic. Here’s a sneak peak clip from Wednesday night’s brand new episode. The Bradshaw BunchErin requires wisdom from an expert, as the following shows Animal psychic.

That’s right! She then shared the great news with her father. Terry BradshawScott, Erin, and Chuck are currently trying to get the message across to Chuck.

Erin says, “On our ranch, we have horses and cows. But I can honestly state that Chuck rules all.” The Bradshaw Bunch cameras. Chuck was our baby, so we felt it would be a great idea to invite someone to come and share their feelings.

Get in touch Sandra, a professional animal communicator.