Oppenheim Group continues to grow, including queen bees Christine Quinn already has an issue with one of the new member of the hive.

Netflix’s first trailer was released Wednesday, Nov. 10. The Sunset SellingSeason four promises drama. With this teaser, we begin. Jason OppenheimInforming his staff that he has hired new Realtors in order to handle the work load: Soap star now real estate agent Vanessa VillelaEmpanada and entrepreneur Emma Hernan

The typical Selling Sunset fashion, the new additions are immediately hit with drama thanks to Christine, who is juggling pregnancy with work, and stirring the pot all along while wearing 6-inch heels. Christine smiles coyly and tells the camera that she isn’t sure what her mistake was.

Let’s just say, Christine. It’s the season of Selling SunsetChristine, Emma’s ex-girlfriend, will be rehashing old drama with Christine. Although Christine attempts to be difficult for Emma, Christine’s new arrival is not bothered. She calls it “high school drama”