It appears to be Lady Nicole Remy is headed for heartbreak.

CelebHomes News offers an exclusive look at Episode 4 of USA’s Regency-era Dating Competition Series. The Courtship.

Nicole said in the preview, “I don’t know what it is, but that’s not love,” with tears in her eyes. I’m so confused.”

Her pain is most likely caused by her involvement in a contest. Lincoln ChapmanIt’s hard to find someone who doesn’t want to commit big.

Lincoln tells Nicole, “Every morning I wake up and I’ve been trying to convince myself I’m ready, been trying to force myself to get to where I know you wanted me to be…And I don’t know if I can do that.”

Nicole weeps immediately when she hears the news. She confesses, “I feel like him being a bit cowardly now.”

Lincoln hears her say, “This hurts too much.” It’s like breaking my heart.”

She sobs when he says to her, “I don’t know how to speak,” and he replies, “I don’t want to be goodbye to Lincoln.”