First teaser video for Netflix Wednesday series is all together ooky, if we do say so ourselves.

On June 1, the streamer revealed his self-described “marketing tactic” and gave a peek at what he was up to. Addams Family character: Thing. Yes, the disembodied hand, who assists the creepy and kooky Addams family, had a message for those waiting for word about the upcoming Wednesday Addams-centric series, titled Wednesday.

“Heed your warning,” the scarred Thing said as the teaser played. “An act of terror is imminent. “Her name is…Wednesday.”

But the update didn’t stop there, as the teaser promised that a formal first look was arriving for the highly anticipated series amid Netflix’s Geeked Week, which kicks off June 6.

Wednesdaystars Scream‘s Jenna Ortega as the 16-year-old titular character, who begins a new adventure as a student at Nevermore Academy. Netflix called the series a “sleuthing-infused mystery.” It will be shown Wednesday. “She attempts to master her new psychic ability, defuse a brutal killing spree that terrorizes the town, as well as solve the mystery of her father’s murder 25 years earlier.”

And then, there’s those annoying relationships that can plague every teen student!