This is something we didn’t expect to say, but it’s what we really want to do.

ABC has released the teaser trailer for Season 2 Abbott Elementary Aug. 17, revealing the teachers’ sleek back to school looks—and judging by the way they’re strutting, these teachers are feeling good! Now if only they could ActuallyEnter their classrooms.

This teaser shows Quinta BrunsonJenelle James, Tyler James Williams, Sheryl Lee RalphChris PerfettiAnd Lisa Ann Walter walking up to the school in their finest looks—only to discover that they’re locked out. “These new keys I made must be too thick,” Principal Ava Coleman (James) admits to the teachers. I’m honest with you.

Janine Brunson (ever optimist) suggests an activity because they are unable to get in the school. She suggests that they have an honest discussion about what is important to them in the coming year. 

That idea was quickly vetoed by Melissa, so it’s back to the drawing board!