“This tattoo is a traditional pair praying hands and includes a rosary. Rehearsals were held for the AMAs. [on Thursday]Bang Bang told CelebHomes News that she had been exhausted and found it difficult to sit down. She was the one who did the tattoo. She was accompanied by some of her best friends, and while she did the tattoo they watched Christmas movies. The experience was great. While she wasn’t able to discuss the meaning or reason for the tattoo, it was something she had wanted for some time and she finally received it. 

She followed up with another one just beneath her ear in January 2020. It is a short but sweet reminder of her album “rare”, which she said was “her best album so far” during the time that she had it tattooed. 

Bang Bang stated about it, “She was very excited.” We were both listening to the album when I gave her her prayer hand tattoo about a month back. It’s nerve-wracking to try and critique oneself before others see it. But this time, I was able to tell that she was happy with the result. 

Gomez disclosed in April that the artist had given her a cross to place below her collarbone.  

Selena has added another tattoo to her ever-growing collection, which includes a music note, a semicolon and the word “sunshine”. Find out all about them here.