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It is time to check off everyone on your gift-giving wish list. There’s no reason to panic. It’s okay to take deep, slow breaths. Naomi OsakaShe is available to offer her expert advice!

The professional tennis player is not able to give everyone topspin and backhand skills, but she can provide some wonderful gift options for anyone in your life. From cozy PJs and stylish Nike totes that double as everyday bags to skincare products from her brand Kinlò, the mental health advocate knows what’s up when it comes to gifting something practical yet meaningful.

CelebHomes spoke with Naomi about the possibility of giving similar items to friends if it feels like they have found the perfect gift. While it is nice to personalize gifts, you need to be aware of your time limitations and what the limits are when shopping for gift ideas. Do not feel pressured to buy something for everyone. Shopping online, or purchasing a handful of the same item for a group (so long as you are passionate about it) is all perfectly acceptable.

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