We never knew that football could bring us so many emotions.

Ryan Reynolds Rob McElhenney become owners of Wrexham A.F.C., the third oldest professional football (a.k.a. Soccer, as Americans are calling it, is the most popular soccer club in the globe, according to the trailer of the documentary Wrexham, welcomeFX will premiere the following August 24th: 

It is also not a joke.

Two Hollywood superstars bought the Red Dragons in 2020. The series follows their quest to make the team a contender. 

It’s a journey that’s not always smooth sailing, as Ryan explains, “I think the biggest challenge is the community looking around going, ‘What the f-ck are these two guys doing here?'”

Ryan and Rob are asked by a young fan why they decided to buy the team. Ryan replies, “We didn’t have a direct connection.” It was only a feeling.”

The spry Wrexham devotee counters back, “What me and my dad thought was, because Wrexham’s red and Deadpool’s red…,” to which Ryan cuts him off and jokes, “That’s the real reason.”