And they are feeling super grateful after a scare, with Priyanka taking to Instagram to open up about Malti’s extended stay in the NICU after her birth. 

We can’t help but think back to these past few months, and how we were on a rollercoaster ride, that many others have experienced, we know.” BaywatchIn a Mother’s Day posting, star said this: Our little girl, after more than 100 days spent in the NICU is now home. Each family has a unique journey that requires faith. While ours was difficult, it is clear in retrospect how precious each moment is.

Priyanka thanked “every doctor, nurse, and specialist at Rady Children’s La Jolla, Cedar Sinai, Los Angeles,” who were there for her “every step” of the journey.

Priyanka ended her post with an emotional message: “Our next chapter starts now and our baby truly is a badass.” Let’s go, MM!