Danielle shared more of her story in a Nutrisystem press release, noting that she’s struggled with her weight for quite some time.

She said that food served as a distraction when I felt low. This became an unhealthy habit and I started to eat more junk food. Being heavier than the majority of my peers made me feel bullied. This was not a way to get a better return on my investment, but I used it as a motivator.

She continued: “As my age increased, I noticed that my weight kept increasing.”

Danielle noted that she “lost weight in an unhealthy way” when she was in college and “ultimately gained even more than I had lost after I graduated.”

Because of her experience in the past, she explained that she wanted to try a different path—one that focused more on her health and less on her appearance.

Danielle said, “Nutrisystem taught my about healthy eating and portion control, which ultimately led to a lifestyle shift.”