Sorry, Kim, Pete Davidson“His mother is his no.1 fan.” 1 fan.

Amy DavidsonPosted on Instagram to celebrate the victory Saturday Night Live comedian as Deadline reported that he’s set to star in a series based on his own life. The mother of two shared a photo of the article, adding a blue heart sticker in ultimate mom fashion.

Based on DeadlineThe Staten Island native will play the leading role in the series. Bupkis. According to the outlet, the show was helmed and described by SNLCreator Lorne MichaelsDavidson and Broadway Video are a company producing Broadway Video. They describe it as a “rawly, unflinching version of Pete Davidson’s actual life,” adding that, “It will consist of a combination of grounded storytelling, absurd elements, depicting Pete’s view unfiltered through his eyes.”

The outlet also reported that, like Pete’s past projects, BupkisThis will be “unapologetically unfiltered, R-rated” show. This is a show that you should not watch with your entire family.