Oscar Isaac is counting sheep in Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight.

Monday 17 January 2017 A Story About MarriageThe trailer featuring the new Disney+ series, titled Moon Knight, featured actor making his debut. It will premiere March 30. Disney+ shocked MCU fans by the trailer, which teased, “Welcome To Chaos.”

Steven Grant (Isaac), an insomniac Brit, is introduced to viewers. But it seems his problems go beyond getting a few hours of shut eye, with Steven saying, “I can’t tell the difference between my waking life and dreams.”

As Steven struggles to navigate London’s streets, he arrives at his museum job. There, he starts hallucinating about a ghostly figure following him around. A woman answers the phone and informs Steven that he is alive. Marc, what’s the matter?

He then meets Dr. Arthur Harrow. Ethan HawkeHe is told by his mother to embrace the chaos.