Morgan StewartJust pulled off the surprisingly surprising CelebHomes

CelebHomes News celebrity, currently on maternity leave following the birth of her second child. Jordan McGrawShe was reunited with him. Evening PopOn March 21, co-hosts celebrated the 500th episode with a celebration.

It was a shocker! Nina ParkerAnd Hunter March during a game of “ick in a box”—which requires participants to reach in an unseen container and feel the objects inside, a.k.a. Nina’s worst nightmare—by popping out from under the covered table. 

The “biggest ick in the box” is what she calls herself.Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills: Rich KidsMorgan style, the Morgan alum declared she had to go pee. 

The hugs ended and the “welcome back!” message was completed. Morgan explained how it all came together by sharing the messages and hugs. Evening PopProduce Seth KingsleyLast week, I called her. “I was like: ‘Okay. I’m getting out of maternity leave. One hour. “I’m just back for the 500th episode!”