We have some serious jealousy, jealousy over these matchy-matchy tattoos. 

TikTok Star Charli D’Amelio is forever tied to friend Avani GreggWith your friends Iris Patow and Olivia Rodrigo after an epic adventure at the tattoo parlor. On Wednesday, March 23, Charli shared to her TikTok page a video montage of the group getting inked together.

Set to Pharrell Williams‘ song “Just a Cloud Away,” the video shows Charli covering her face with her hand in shock as she receives her tattoo. She’s later seen with a big grin on her face as she shows a design of a tiny smiley face inked on the inside of her pinky.

The final shot of the clip reveals what everyone got tatted, showing two with smiley faces two with hearts inked on their fingers.

Charli, 17, also posted videos of herself lip syncing to songs with Iris, Olivia and Avani, all 19.

It’s unclear when they paid a visit to the tattoo studio, but it seems to be just one highlight for Olivia during a particularly busy month. The “driver’s license” singer won multiple trophies at 2022 iHeartRadio music Awards.