Are You a Married To Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly?

The Mariried to MedicineATL Intervention: Ladies are organizing one.

CelebHomes News has an exclusive peek at the July 24, episode. The Bravolebrities confront their co-stars Heavenly KimesOver her own YouTube channel which she believes has outgrown control.

They gather together at Contessa Metcalfe‘s house sans Heavenly, she announces, “Tonight is an intervention for Heavenly’s channel.”

Quad WebbShe is shocked when she says to the women, “Ya’ll be some dirty, low down people.” What is the best time to get a job? Toya Bush-HarrisQuad questions Quad’s reaction and says, “Because she feels like she is going to be in a position to claim that this was an ambush.” Her reaction was not expected.

Jackie WaltersShe agrees, and confesses in her confessional that “This is going to get real bad honey.” Do you remember seeing spontaneous combustion before?

Toya however counters Quad’s answer by saying, “Her YouTube really is an ambush to many of us.”