Television host, televangelist.

Preview video posted March 16. Kelly RipaThe shocking impersonation of a TV personality was revealed Tammy Faye BakkerWho was the most recent player of? Jessica ChastainIn the movie Tammy Faye’s Eyes.

This video was used as teaser.Kelly and Ryan live on the After Oscar ShowKelly was shown in a red curly hairstyle with Tammy’s famous fake eyelashes and heavy-lined lips. Kelly wore two different outfits in the video clip. Kelly wore a sequin top with a cape and a top that was cheetah-printed.

Kelly starts by singing, “Jesus keeps me higher and higher,” as the scene cuts to Kelly’s face for close-up.

Kelly is asked by an off-camera person if she wants to use makeup remover. Kelly replies “Oh no!”

“That’s it. They’re permanent, my eyebrows and eyes are permanently glued, so you don’t have much to do. Kelly laughed, using a quote from Kelly to illustrate this. Tammy Faye’s Eyes.