This is the perfect moment to capture it all.
You can see the flick in action. BatmanSet for release in Mar. 4, Colin FarrellTakes center stage as the Penguin, a supervillain. His acting abilities are not the only thing that impresses everyone. Kelly ClarksonDoing a double take.  Kelly stood up in shock at Colin’s dramatic costume change during his March 3rd appearance. Kelly Clarkson Show.

“Wait, WHAT?” Kelly yelled as she leapt up to see a photo of Colin dressed in his character. Kelly said, “I didn’t see that photo. Oh my God. Just heard you were Penguin. “What the heck?” She referred to the film’s makeup artist and said, “That person should win awards.”
To be more than fair to Kelly, after seeing the photograph—her reaction is downright relatable considering Colin is UnrecognizableThe mobster boss. We’re talking way more than just wardrobe, since his look includes slicked back hair and facial prosthetics fit for—well, a villain.