Julia GarnerShe can also add con artist to their job resume.

First look images of the Emmy winner portraying notorious social climber Anna DelveyIn Inventing AnnaNetflix just released them. The scandalous story of one young woman’s rise in the Manhattan scene while scamming the wealthy and crashing their fancy parties made headlines back in July 2017 when Anna—born Anna Sorokin—was arrested. Just like credit card debt, interest in the saga continues to rise, especially with the fake Germain heiress’ return to Instagram earlier this year, but we digress.

Early photos of Julia as Anna make her almost unrecognizable, with her long brown hair and messy style replacing her natural blonde curls. This jailbird transformation might lead to another Emmy win. Ozark actress? This isn’t the first time that a young actress has won award season votes after winning viewers’ hearts with a drama based on real events.