Tiegen said she doesn’t think Luna and Miles have fully grasped the situation—and neither has she..

She continued, “I don’t think they’ll ever understand why he didn’t make it, in a way that I don’t understand.” “I had a placental interruption, and I keep asking my doctor, “OK, but why?” It didn’t work. Why didn’t we just keep on going? They were like, “We would have run out of blood in hospital.” Were we going that long in the hospital? It’s still something I struggle to accept, and why we gave in. The truth is, it was the best decision I made. [kids]Sometimes, it’s still hard to catch me in a slump. They start to ask, “Is it baby Jack?”

Still, Miles, Luna, Legend, Luna, and Teigen continue to keep Jack’s memory alive. Scary Mommy shared that Jack was drawn as an angel at school when they were drawing things. “We talk a lot about it. His presence was what made it feel comfortable for our family. They always remind us to bring baby Jack with us, no matter what we do. Then I have the task of packing him up. When we finally get to our destination, they are like, “Oh my god, he must have been thirsty.” It might sound crazy to some people, but they’ll give him a little glass water next to their little box of ashes. They love being a part.