Steven and Joey co-executive produced Act, first went public with their romance in September 2019, when they stepped out for a cozy date night at a Cinespia’s screening of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets in Los Angeles. They have been openly expressing their affection for each other since then.

Last May, the actress celebrated Steven’s birthday with a sweet tribute on her Instagram, captioning photos of the pair throughout the years, “I have such a huge crush on you it’s stupid.”

She called his “national you day” and wrote to Steven: “I couldn’t be happier that that you’re in mine and that I’m in yours.” “I love you.”

Two months later, Steven returned the love with an equally romantic birthday message for the star. “It’s unanimous. “10 out of 10 doctors believe you’re my favourite person,” he said. You are a sweet and beautiful person. Happy birthday! I love you so damn much.”