You feel so happy to be together.

Ben Stiller revealed that he is back together with wife Christine TaylorNearly five years ago, the couple announced their separation.

In a new interview with Esquire, the veteran actor, 56, explained that the COVID-19 pandemic that was the catalyst for the reunion. In 2020, Ben and the Arrested Development actress decided that it would be best for him to move back into the family home, so he could be with their two children— daughter EllaSon, 19 and Quinlin, 16,—during the early months of lockdowns.

According to him, the story evolved “over time”. “We got back together after we split, and that’s something we are proud of.

He added, “It’s really been wonderful for all of you.” It was unexpected, but it is one of many positive outcomes of the pandemic.

His change in heart was explained by the Severance director spoke of mutual respect within the relationship and acknowledging each other’s differences.

“I believe we share a common respect for both the differences and similarities,” he said. You can appreciate someone better if you accept that they are not trying to be different. It saves a lot of energy when you can accept this. ‘This is something that works for me; this is something that doesn’t work for me.'”

Ben went on, “If you have that trust level with your partner, you know that me saying ‘I don’t like doing that thing’ is not me saying ‘I don’t like you.'”



In April 2017, Ben and Christine announced they were going their separate ways after 17 years of marriage, but didn’t file for divorce.

“With tremendous love and respect for each other, and the 18 years we spent together as a couple, we have made the decision to separate,” the couple said in a joint statement to CelebHomes News at the time. Our priority will remain raising our children together as loving parents and close friends. Please respect our privacy and keep this information private.

Back in October, the Zoolander co-stars attended a Project ALS benefit in New York City together, raising eyebrows if they were giving their romance another shot.

Ben said, “We are a large family.” Us WeeklyAt the event. “We are always together.”

When Christine, 50, was questioned about her seemingly “nice” post-breakup relationship with Ben, she replied: “It’s wonderful, it’s wonderful.”