Cheryl HinesAnd Rachael HarrisWe are all ready to celebrate a sweet win.

CelebHomes’s series premiere will feature the two actresses. Celebrity Beef in this sneak peek at the August 2 episode.

The host starts things on an uneasy note. Joel McHaleHe gives some guidelines. His instructions are clear: “Your time starts when you shout, Start Cooking’,” he states, then the women rush off to gather ingredients.

“That’s it, that’s when it starts,” he says. Joel shouts “Start Cooking” once more as soon the women are back at their stations.

While the two decide on different flavors for their cupcake batters—Cheryl choosing vanilla and Rachael choosing red velvet—one thing the frenemies agree on is their love for sprinkles. Cheryl says, “I want my cupcakes to look very beautiful and colorful,” while Cheryl carries a few items.

Although Cheryl did not leave enough sprinkles for Rachael, she was eager to grab all Rachael’s cupcake tins.