The Hollywood star is not going anywhere.

After signing in a June 20,22 GQ Magazine article that he considers himself to be on the “last leg” of his career, Brad PittCelebHomes News exclusively shuts down any retirement rumors Daily Pop.

He confessed, “I’m sorry that I did that.” Daily Pop‘s Francesca Amiker before explaining his comments, saying, “I just see it as like, there’s child to young adult, there’s young adult to middle-age. Then, once you’re over the hump, it becomes a gradual descent. “I was just saying that I have gotten over the hump.”

However, the 58 year-old star isn’t going anywhere soon as he appears in the latest action flick Bullet TrainAugust 5th, the film’s premiere. Pitt is Ladybug and discovers that Ladybug is not the only person who rides on Ladybug’s film title train.

Among the film’s star-studded cast—which includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry and Logan Lerman—is Pitt’s longtime friend Sandra BullockActor:.