Jack HarlowHis viral video received a top-class reaction from him Emma ChamberlainAt the Met Gala 2022

The 24-year-old rapper broke down the moment on the May 9th episode of The Tonight Show.

Chamberlain interviewed Harlow, 20 years ago, in case it was missed. VogueAfter he took to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s red carpet on May 2, Harlow signed off. Harlow left New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2nd in a memorable way.

“Love ya! Bye!” Before he left, he said “Bye!” Chamberlain repeated the statement and had an immediate reaction that you will need to witness. 

You know exactly what I mean when you say, “That’s like an art piece because there are so many interpretations that it can be.” Harlow said when asked about the clip, which has accumulated almost 2.75 million views on VogueThe YouTube channel of. Everyone has their own interpretation of what she was thinking. Let it be taken as is.