Wildsis taking a high dose of testosterone.

Fans are getting a glimpse at how the eight boys handle life on a deserted island in a trailer for the drama which sees a group of teens put to the ultimate test as part of a social experiment. The preview released by Prime Video April 6 shows the male castaways fighting and hunting for food around the jungle, though it doesn’t seem like they’re successful. This is As Zack CalderonRafael Garcia is the character of ‘Man. But, some people are actually becoming monsters.”

Flashbacks from the island reveal that the girls continue to doubt their reality, as it becomes clearer that no one will rescue them. Moreover, Toni (Erana JamesThey began to believe they were not alone and said, “We couldn’t see them, but we could hear their voices.”

These so-called psychologists still manipulate teens in their bunker by studying their behaviour and responding to stimuli. And though it’s unclear what the objective of the social experiment is, Gretchen Klein, played by Rachel GriffithsHe believes that the boys made a great control group.