Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton Bethany Joy Lenz Continue to reveal the details of the drama unfolding on the One Tree Hill set. 

The Drama Queens podcast’s April 4 episode, the actresses spoke to co-star Craig Sheffer His experience working with the show creator Mark SchwahnAccording to Sheffer, Schwahn blindsided him when he killed his Uncle Keith character. Sheffer said that Schwahn told him before that he would remain on the CW show “as long the show continues.” 

But then, Sheffer said Schwahn called him ahead of filming season three, saying, “‘Yeah, so good news and bad news.’ Let me know all about it. [and says,] ‘And then Paul shoots you.’ I go, ‘Okay, so I’m dead? Do you mean that I am no longer getting paid? He was like, ‘Yeah.'”

They went on filming the episode in which Keith attempts to stop Jimmy Edwards, a school shooting victim.Colin Fickers). Dan (the gunman) eventually turned the gun against himself.Paul JohanssonKeith is killed by ), and Jimmy dies.