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CelebHomes News is proud to present your exclusive first glimpse at Season 2 of NBC’s comedy hit, Young RockThe re-opens Tuesday, March. 15:08 p.m.

Scroll down to see the new images Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”, at three seminal periods in his life: His time as a young boy in Hawaii when his dad Rocky was at the peak of his wrestling career, his teenage years adjusting to a new life in Nashville as he navigates being a teenager and his family’s financial struggles and Dwayne’s early twenties as he enters the Canadian Football League and his dreams of playing in the NFL start to fade away.

The future timeline for season two continues, of course. Randall Park interviews Dwayne during his 2032 presidential campaign. Dwayne, Randall are seen fishing with horses.

There’s even a sneak peek at the start of “The Rock’s” iconic wresting career!