This royal wedding has officially been called off.

Prince Louis de Luxembourg and his fiancée Scarlett-Lauren SirgueThey have announced their separation in a press statement by the Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg on February 23. 

In a translated French-English statement, the couple stated that they had decided to end their romantic relationship. However, they were still deeply connected by friendship and tenderness.

In the release, it was also mentioned that Prince Louis had two parents. Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg “welcome the maturity of this decision.”

In addition, Prince LouisAnd Scarlett-Lauren opened up about their split to Point de VueFrench magazine, “The Prince”, that is focused on royal news.

He said that “we are not going get married” in the translation interview. However, we reached this conclusion because there were no problems, no shadows, and no issues on the couple. But, our fundamental differences of opinions led to us making that decision. At the time we were engaged, we discussed all aspects of Scarlett’s accession to a royal family. It was no problem for us.”