It’s always good to see an old friend—even if it is in flashback form. 

Emily VanCampFox makes it an emotional return for herThe Resident in this exclusive clip from the May 17 season five finale.

The story of Emily’s character Nic, who was involved in an accident with a vehicle in season 4, is well-known. The flashback was the only way to bring her character back. As seen in this new scene, she faces Conrad, her husband.Matt CzuchryAfter seeing him kiss another woman in a bar, she screams.

Nic says to Conrad, “Not exactly what I want in my mind when I’m home nursing our child and changing her diapers.” Conrad assured Nic that there are more than meets his eye, and he asks Nic to meet him outside.

Conrad reports that Anna’s husband was diagnosed with stage IV lymphoma more than two months ago. 

Nic asks Nic why she is at the bar by herself, and if this is indeed true.

“She isn’t. Conrad promises her that she is with her friends. It’s her birthday. After a severe reaction to chemotherapy, her husband is in hospital. His husband is in ICU. Friends decided to rescue her from an impossible situation. He sleeps in her room and she’ll return in just a few hours.