These are the best America’s Got Talent act is Dolly Parton-approved.

Country music girls group was not the only thing. Chapel HartWin over the AGT Judges and audience were part of the July 19 episode’s NBC special. Parton was joined by the queen herself, country music legend. Parton was to Twitter after the show to praise the act for their original song “You Can Have Him, Jolene,” inspired by her classic hit.

“This is a great new way to hear my song. @ChapelHartBand!The 76-year old tweeted: on July 20. “Carl’s Birthday is Today so I believe I’ll hold on to him. Jolene is not being informed that it’s his birthday today.”

Parton’s husband, Carl Dean, served as her inspiration for “Jolene,” as she based the character of Jolene on a flirtatious redhead who tried to steal her man.

Before their performance, Chapel Hart—which consists of Trea Swindle, Danica HartAnd Devynn Hart—gushed about their love for country music and Parton to the judges, along with sharing the inspiration behind the tune.