You can’t go wrong with baby duty, from the barre!

Misty Copeland announced the heartwarming news that she’s a mom. Legendary ballerina and dancer, Ballerina Annabel announced her pregnancy with her first son. JacksonTogether with her husband Olu Evans.

Misty, who is known for leaving her personal life out of the spotlight, also kept her little one’s arrival under wraps for quite some time, telling People, “I have a 3-month-old.”

Although the athlete will continue to shine a light on her career milestones with fans—especially her new venture as a co-founder and fashion designer of the Greatness Wins athleticwear line—she plans to protect her son’s privacy. 

She said, “Definitely with my child,” and added that she wouldn’t allow her son to be photographed for any reason. However, when it comes down to my profession and the work I do, I am really open.

While the new mom didn’t share any additional details about her baby boy, she did offer some insight into their upcoming international trip.