Sometimes, laughter is the greatest gift.

Candace Cameron BureShe couldn’t stop laughing as she displayed a mail package containing an assortment of a JoJo SiwaSet of themed diamond art. This unexpected gift was just weeks after JoJo declared Candace to be the “rudest celebrity” in TikTok videos.

Candace wrote, “I found this funny,” in one of her Aug. 4, Instagram Stories. “There is a PR firm that gifted me a gift.”

Candace moved the camera to the right and revealed the gift paired by a note from Candace that said, “Candace – I hope you love this JoJo Siwax @DiamondArtClub present!”

Although she was not certain what she thought of the arrival she plans to make use of it.

“Coincidence? Strange timing. I don’t know,” she said of the Michele Marie PR package. It looks adorable, and we will do it when my goddaughter comes.