What do you think of best friends? Ben HigginsAnd Nick ViallWhat is your Bachelor Nation history together?

CelebHomes’s August 9th episode features a competition to see who can cook the best. Celebrity BeefThe former BachelorThis sneak peek shows stars and best friends putting their knowledge to the test.

“Question No. 1 is for Ben,” host Joel McHale says in the preview. “Did Nick ever bite into whipped cream of a woman in his season?” Nick challenged his opponent after Ben correctly replied with “yes”.

“Doesn’t he have the right to say who?” “Does he not have to name who?” Viall FilesJoel jokesly answers, “No. CelebHomes wasn’t able to do that much research.

Nick next is asked to answer a question about Ben’s skinny-dipping habits during Season of. The Bachelor. Nick answers “no,” bringing the score up to one point each.

Ben’s next question is, “Did Nick get a First Impression Rose on either of the first two seasons of Bachelorette“He was already on?”