Dr. Bashir Hmed didn’t see this coming.

CelebHomes News is able to exclusively share a look at the premiere season of NBC’s Season Two. Transplant, airing Mar. 6. This emotional preview continues right from the end of season 1, which ended in a shocking cliffhanger.

Bash (played By) Hamza Haq) is stunned when his former fiancée Rania shows up in the lobby of the hospital where he works. She was last seen by him five years after he fled Syria. He thought she was gone.

“How is this possible?” In the video, Bash is nearly speechless. “And when? How?

Bash’s younger sister Amira, is also there and she asks “Does that mean you can still get married?”

“How long do you know we’ve been here?” Bash questions Rania. Rania replies: “Since when you arrived.”

Bash continues, “But it was you that made me believe you were dead for five long years.”

Bash is told by Rania that there’s “so much to say” before being called into an E.R. other doctor.

Bashir is proud to be with Rania, her ex-love.