The first time Brandon and Dylan met. 90210Brandon asked Dylan to take him out for a bite. Dylan mocks him and says “Yeah. Let’s have lunch.” Even though Dylan’s jacket was worn over a white shirt, it was not black, it still made a statement. Rebel Without a Cause vibe was unavoidable.) He takes a while to realize that Brandon is truly the one.

Perry was again reminded of the James Dean example. TodayIn 1992. “I hope to be still working when I’m 30, and 40 and 50, and for ever how long I want to. They’ll see me and find someone to fulfill my James Dean fantasies, and then I’ll go.”

He said that he didn’t wish to be able to look back at the things he did. That is what I meant. [that]My actions had no effect on any other. There are many people who let their lives happen, and that is what I don’t want. “I don’t want my own life to be dictated to me.”

Fatefully, the role of Dylan McKay fit Perry like a glove and turned him into an iconic celebrity, and on his own merits.