Ashton KutcherAnd Mila Kunis put their love to the test.

The jOBS actor, 44, shared a hilarious video of himself and his wife participating in the viral relationship challenge, where they had to answer questions pertaining to their romance without seeing each other’s responses. 

Ashton wrote, “Grandma’s and Grandpa joined a trend three months late,” in the August 24 Instagram video. It made us smile.

In the clip, the couple—who tied the knot in 2015—both agreed that Ashton was the first one in the relationship to say, “I love you,” and is “more patient.” Former That 70s Show co-stars also agreed that Mila, 39, “has more clothes,” is “never wrong,” is a “bigger baby when sick” and “is more annoying when hungry.”

This adorable video captured the attention of an actress Alanna MastersonHe exploded in laughter and said, “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.”

Many fans were also impressed by Ashton’s and Mila’s relatability. A user on Instagram commented “This is just too sweet. It’s so touching to see how sincere you two are.” Another commented that they loved the “truly good couple” and another said, “Truly wonderful humans.”