We know you know exactly where the 1998 Olympic gold medalist is—calling all the figure-skating action at the ongoing 2022 Beijing Olympics alongside broadcasting partner Johnny Weir, the pair of them joining the NBC Sports family in 2013.

According to her, it’s “like a long-lost soulmate that I met later in life.” GQWeir 2018 He is the reason I live my best life.

Lipinski became the youngest-ever world champion at 14 in 1997 before beating all comers at the Nagano Olympics at 15, also the youngest-ever figure skater to win Olympic gold. (She also bested her U.S. teammate and expected frontrunner Michelle Kwan((Who finished second.)

“To go out and skate the way that I did, which was the way that I trained, that’s how every skater hopes to perform,” she recalled to CelebHomes News ahead of the Beijing Games. I can still remember feeling my legs shake as they called me my name, something that was never done before. “Oh, I don’t know what to do. These are my friends! However, to be able skate like I did then, I’ll never forget not just winning but running down the ice to the end of the music. I remember the thrill of skating well and having a strong showing before millions of spectators at the Olympic Games.

She met her future husband, producer Todd Kapostasy, when she presented an award to him at the Sports Emmys in 2015, and they tied the knot two years later. Together they produced the documentary 2022 Peacock. You are meddling, about the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics scoring scandal that resulted in two sets of gold medals being handed out in pairs skating.

Lipinski stated that skating has made a mark in scandals. “Obviously Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan and the 2002 judging scandal. That’s hopefully in our past.